MODOLL is a multidisciplinary project based on a 3D printed doll of American supermodel Lindsey Wixson.

The methods used for developing this project, as well as Wixson's involvement throughout the process, allowed to create an innovative doll that captures her unique features and reflects her personality, charisma and beauty.

MODOLL is the result of several months of study and experimentation with the latest 3D scanning and printing techniques, making it the first fashion doll of its kind.


MODOLL's face has been achieved through a process of 3D scans that have created digital replicas of Lindsey Wixson's face and capturing her unique personality.


Lindsey's face structure and unique physical attributes have been transferred directly to the design of the doll by using cutting edge 3D scanning technology.


MODOLL prototypes have been created by using the most advanced 3D printing techniques available. Printed in collaboration with Fauxograph in New York City, each MODOLL has been carefully made to the highest standards in the industry.  


During this stage, refining and polishing will help give the desired texture and finishing to the face and body. Makeup artist Ralph Siciliano gives us a insight into what it takes to create looks for MODOLL.  


For this project hair stylist Thanos Samaras has created a series of styles to go with the different fashion looks. We get a close look on how he works to create these unique pieces. 


Renowned fashion stylist Charlotte Stockdale handpicked some of her favorite looks of the season. In this interview with AY Collective we learn how the looks were executed and custom fit for MODOLL.  

Modoll © Santiago & Mauricio, 2015.