Modoll on MDX of

Modoll debuts in with a series of documentary clips and exclusive images. Visit this link to read the article about our 3D printed doll.  

The first 3D-printed 'supermodel' is wearing your next outfit

Hayley Wilbur wrote an article for digital media website Mashable about - the first 3D-Printed 'supermodel' - . You can read the article by clicking here.

MODOLL makes the cover of STYLE - The Sunday Times fashion special

Our 3D printed doll was featured on the cover of STYLE, a fashion special magazine of the British newspaper The Sunday Times. The miniature Lindsey was photographed wearing some of the season's most exciting looks alongside an article by Claudia Croft.

Tech Times on Modoll - 'Creative Team 3D-Prints Miniature High Fashion Models and Designer Couture'

Technology blog Tech Times published an article about Modoll, highlighting the relevance of 3D printing in a fashion project. Visit the website here.

'This Year's Model' - Modoll featured on The Sunday Times website

Modoll was featured in the print and online editions of the British newspaper The Sunday Times. Make sure to visit and read the whole article in the following link

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